Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Maybelline eye studio master duo Review

The other day i was using my usual Rimmel London Scandaleyes Micro Liner, and i noticed that it was fading slightly, and wasn't the black colour it originally was. This has always been my favourite liquid eyeliner, due to its easy application. Although one fault is that if you're in a hurry and you don't powder down your eyes, and just have foundation on the lids, the liner may smudge when you look up and leave a rather long grey line on the top of your eye. This liquid eyeliner was more of a pen eyeliner rather than a pot of liquid and an application brush. 

Instead of buying my trustworthy Rimmel eyeliner i decided to invest in the new Maybelline eye studio master duo 2-in-1 glossy liquid liner. this liquid eyeliner is slightly more expensive, but for a drugstore eyeliner, definitely worth the price. The differences between this Maybelline eyeliner and the Rimmel London eyeliner, is that the Maybelline eyeliner is more liquid, and to apply it, you have to dip the applicator in a pot of black liquid. The maybelline liner does not smudge, so if you do occur a mistake, it is hard to remove using your finger, so you have to take extra care when applying. if you're like me and want to apply it quickly before leaving for work or running late for school, this definitely isn't the one for you, however it does last a lot longer than many other liquid liners.

The Maybelline eyeliner suits all eye shapes and sizes, whether you want it thick or thin, the applicator with this liner has an oddly shaped end, one side of it is thin, and the other side is thick, so you can get whatever shape you wish. I am very steady handed, so when applying this liner i do not struggle as mud as other people may do.

Personally both eyeliners are pretty good, it just depends on how you you like to apply it, and how much time you have. When i go out for a long day, such as school or work, i prefer to use the Maybelline liner, because its very reliable, and i know it'll last all day, whereas i would use the Rimmel one if I'm going out for a short amount of time, due to it smudges easily. 

If you want to purchase either one of these eyeliners from Boots UK, click the links below
Click here for the Maybelline liner
Click here for the Rimmel liner


Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Prom Hairstyle

If you're unaware what prom is, it's an occasion for high school leavers, which intales formal dress codes and posh gourmet meals. Well my high school prom was last Saturday, at a popular garden centre and gardens.

For prom I wasn't too sure how to have my hair, I didn’t really have many ideas, I had never been to a posh occasion quite like this, so everything was new to me.

My hair condition is neither thick nor thin, however is very fine, so down styles such as curls usually fall out and become wavy. Never the less I decided to choose a down style so it would make my dress stand out, and complete my look, also I feel a lot more comfortable with my hair down rather than up.

I found this hair style idea when I searched ‘Tumblr prom hair styles’. I immediately fell in love with it, and because the girl in the photograph has similar hair to me, I knew it would suit me. I used Tumblr as a key word in the search engine so I would get more unusual and vintage hair styles.

Obviously I couldn’t do this myself so I went to my local hair dressers a few hours before prom to get it done. To make me feel more comfortable I left two pieces of hair at the side, out of the bee hive.

To create this look. Firstly my hair was curled into tight curls (so that by the time of my prom they would of dropped). secondly my hair dresser sectioned off the main piece of hair at the top and back combed it into a bee hive. Next the hair dresser took two small pieces of hair which was not in the bee hive and did a simple plait in them, finally she joined them together with grips, and twisted the main plait to create a spiral. this was fastened with hair spray and grips. 

Towards the end of the night, my curls had nearly come out, which I wasn’t too bothered about because it was the end and they were still in of the most of the photographs. If you’re like me and don’t want to go too extreme with your hair style and want to keep it very simple and sophisticated, however also feeling very comfortable, this is the right one. 


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rouge Dior Lipstick Review

 Finding a lipstick was very difficult until I came across Dior’s range of Rouge lipsticks. I have always stuck to Revlon or Rimmel London lipsticks; however my High school Prom was getting closer and I knew that finding a good, high quality lipstick would complete the look. Since prom is a very sophisticated occasion, I needed a glossy high shine lipstick to match my makeup and dress.

I browsed many drug stores, such as boots and Superdrug in search for a lipstick, which was unsuccessful. As a result of this I went into John Lewis, which if you’re not familiar with the UK, is a large department store which sells mainly branded items. As soon as I saw Dior I immediately fell in love with the Rouge range of lipsticks. It was a must to buy one. Swan 263 shone out, which is a pale pink colour, therefore I instantly purchased it. Due to my pale complexion, I do not suit dark colours, so when I found this one I was over the moon.

Swan 263 is quite pale pink colour, with a minimum amount of shimmer. This lipstick is not matt, but is extremely glossy, so like most lipsticks you do not have to wear lip-gloss on top. This lipstick unlike most others is very creamy and so moisturising, so you do not even have to wear lip balm with it. The colour of the lipstick doesn't last as long as i would want, around 3-4 hours, due to the shape of the stick, very pointy, it is very easy application. If you re like me and find it very hard to keep the lipstick within the lip line, this lip stick if great because of its easy appliance. I tested the lipstick on my hand first, and it completely matched my skin tone, and stayed on for several hours.

 It’s hard to compare this Dior lipstick to drugstore lipsticks such as Revlon and Rimmel London, because this lipstick is very textured, and will last a lot longer than most drugstore lipsticks. After a few hours the colour will eventually fade, bit by bit, therefore will need another coat. The packaging of this lipstick 100 percent beats most lipsticks, making it more sophisticated and classy.

Most people assume Dior is luxury and is only meant to be worn on special occasions, mainly because of its price, however I will wear this lipstick most days, to make my lips stand out. I purchased this lipstick for £26.00, which for a lipstick like this one is very good. I defiantly can recommend this lipstick. To buy this from John Lewis click here.


Friday, 20 June 2014

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Review

I brought this nail varnish spontaneously a rather long time ago, in order to paint my nails from my forthcoming Prom occasion. I had never purchased one of the gelly type nail varnishes before, so I thought I would try it out. instead of going for high end nail varnishes such as Dior, i was determined to buy a drug store cosmetic product to compare the difference. 

Instead of getting my nails done professionally for Prom I decided to do them myself, and save money. So I approached my local drugstore and brought a Gelly Barry M nail varnish in the shade GNP 20, which is a very pale light pink. I choose this colour mainly because it matches my dress and looks very sophisticated. Also it is very light and summery, which meets the current climate in the UK. During summer wearing dark colour nail varnish such as purples and blacks can be very draughting.

I brought the Gelly type nail varnish instead of the normal type because of its outstanding and reliable reviews. I had heard it lasts a very long time without chipping, if you’re like me and have a relatively active lifestyle, your nails will chip fairly quickly. This is very irritating because it requires extra coats of varnish more frequently.

When applying the nail varnish it looked awfully similar to the normal type Barry M nail varnish. It was runny and quite watery, even after numerous shakes of the bottle. However I proved myself wrong, and after one coat it drastically changed and looked more like gelly. The nail varnish is not matt, but is very shiny and thick, which is helpful if your varnish usually chips. 

Due to the colour of the varnish, it is very wearable with several different outfits and you will defiantly get your money’s worth. I completely recommend this nail varnish, and I will be wearing it at ever chance I can. I brought this product from superdrug for only £3.99, to purchase this from Barry M click here.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

'Harper and 'Lewis' Levi Denim Shorts

When shopping within Birmingham City Centre, I came across a new small vintage shop situated right next to the bullring, called ‘Harper and Lewis’.
Vintage clothing is usually old 1980s clothing, which over the past few years has become popular.

I’m not a fan on vintage clothing mainly because I prefer to follow trends and wear casual styles. However I decided to have a look and see if anything caught my eye. Browsing the shop I was immediately drawn to several denim shorts, in which I brought and later found out they were old cut up Levi's, if you've ever heard of Levi's, you will know they are extremely good quality and very expensive, so when i managed to purchase these for £20, i knew i had got a bargain! I completely fell in love with them. 

The shorts wouldn't be complete without the tares on the back, and the creases on the front. They have two identical patterns on each pocket which add unique detail to them. I defiantly do not regret this buy, and depending on the English weather i will defiantly wear them as much as i can. I brought these a few weeks back, just when the weather was starting to improve, and have already wore them twice.

My typical outfit wearing these shorts is very simple; i try to wear very basic clothing to bring out the detail within the shorts. A top tucked in the shorts with or without tights looks good, depending on the weather. 
When i brought these i first thought they were hot pants, but when trying them on later that day i proved myself wrong, and they were just the right length to feel comfortable in. 

The label on the back of the shorts shows that the shorts are Levi's, and wouldn't be complete without it.

They are available to buy from any 'Harper and Lewis' store and on ASOS Market place. For £20, bargain! Click here to purchase these from ASOS Marketplace. 


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