Friday, 20 June 2014

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Review

I brought this nail varnish spontaneously a rather long time ago, in order to paint my nails from my forthcoming Prom occasion. I had never purchased one of the gelly type nail varnishes before, so I thought I would try it out. instead of going for high end nail varnishes such as Dior, i was determined to buy a drug store cosmetic product to compare the difference. 

Instead of getting my nails done professionally for Prom I decided to do them myself, and save money. So I approached my local drugstore and brought a Gelly Barry M nail varnish in the shade GNP 20, which is a very pale light pink. I choose this colour mainly because it matches my dress and looks very sophisticated. Also it is very light and summery, which meets the current climate in the UK. During summer wearing dark colour nail varnish such as purples and blacks can be very draughting.

I brought the Gelly type nail varnish instead of the normal type because of its outstanding and reliable reviews. I had heard it lasts a very long time without chipping, if you’re like me and have a relatively active lifestyle, your nails will chip fairly quickly. This is very irritating because it requires extra coats of varnish more frequently.

When applying the nail varnish it looked awfully similar to the normal type Barry M nail varnish. It was runny and quite watery, even after numerous shakes of the bottle. However I proved myself wrong, and after one coat it drastically changed and looked more like gelly. The nail varnish is not matt, but is very shiny and thick, which is helpful if your varnish usually chips. 

Due to the colour of the varnish, it is very wearable with several different outfits and you will defiantly get your money’s worth. I completely recommend this nail varnish, and I will be wearing it at ever chance I can. I brought this product from superdrug for only £3.99, to purchase this from Barry M click here.


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