Sunday, 15 June 2014

'Harper and 'Lewis' Levi Denim Shorts

When shopping within Birmingham City Centre, I came across a new small vintage shop situated right next to the bullring, called ‘Harper and Lewis’.
Vintage clothing is usually old 1980s clothing, which over the past few years has become popular.

I’m not a fan on vintage clothing mainly because I prefer to follow trends and wear casual styles. However I decided to have a look and see if anything caught my eye. Browsing the shop I was immediately drawn to several denim shorts, in which I brought and later found out they were old cut up Levi's, if you've ever heard of Levi's, you will know they are extremely good quality and very expensive, so when i managed to purchase these for £20, i knew i had got a bargain! I completely fell in love with them. 

The shorts wouldn't be complete without the tares on the back, and the creases on the front. They have two identical patterns on each pocket which add unique detail to them. I defiantly do not regret this buy, and depending on the English weather i will defiantly wear them as much as i can. I brought these a few weeks back, just when the weather was starting to improve, and have already wore them twice.

My typical outfit wearing these shorts is very simple; i try to wear very basic clothing to bring out the detail within the shorts. A top tucked in the shorts with or without tights looks good, depending on the weather. 
When i brought these i first thought they were hot pants, but when trying them on later that day i proved myself wrong, and they were just the right length to feel comfortable in. 

The label on the back of the shorts shows that the shorts are Levi's, and wouldn't be complete without it.

They are available to buy from any 'Harper and Lewis' store and on ASOS Market place. For £20, bargain! Click here to purchase these from ASOS Marketplace. 


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