Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Prom Hairstyle

If you're unaware what prom is, it's an occasion for high school leavers, which intales formal dress codes and posh gourmet meals. Well my high school prom was last Saturday, at a popular garden centre and gardens.

For prom I wasn't too sure how to have my hair, I didn’t really have many ideas, I had never been to a posh occasion quite like this, so everything was new to me.

My hair condition is neither thick nor thin, however is very fine, so down styles such as curls usually fall out and become wavy. Never the less I decided to choose a down style so it would make my dress stand out, and complete my look, also I feel a lot more comfortable with my hair down rather than up.

I found this hair style idea when I searched ‘Tumblr prom hair styles’. I immediately fell in love with it, and because the girl in the photograph has similar hair to me, I knew it would suit me. I used Tumblr as a key word in the search engine so I would get more unusual and vintage hair styles.

Obviously I couldn’t do this myself so I went to my local hair dressers a few hours before prom to get it done. To make me feel more comfortable I left two pieces of hair at the side, out of the bee hive.

To create this look. Firstly my hair was curled into tight curls (so that by the time of my prom they would of dropped). secondly my hair dresser sectioned off the main piece of hair at the top and back combed it into a bee hive. Next the hair dresser took two small pieces of hair which was not in the bee hive and did a simple plait in them, finally she joined them together with grips, and twisted the main plait to create a spiral. this was fastened with hair spray and grips. 

Towards the end of the night, my curls had nearly come out, which I wasn’t too bothered about because it was the end and they were still in of the most of the photographs. If you’re like me and don’t want to go too extreme with your hair style and want to keep it very simple and sophisticated, however also feeling very comfortable, this is the right one. 


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