Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rouge Dior Lipstick Review

 Finding a lipstick was very difficult until I came across Dior’s range of Rouge lipsticks. I have always stuck to Revlon or Rimmel London lipsticks; however my High school Prom was getting closer and I knew that finding a good, high quality lipstick would complete the look. Since prom is a very sophisticated occasion, I needed a glossy high shine lipstick to match my makeup and dress.

I browsed many drug stores, such as boots and Superdrug in search for a lipstick, which was unsuccessful. As a result of this I went into John Lewis, which if you’re not familiar with the UK, is a large department store which sells mainly branded items. As soon as I saw Dior I immediately fell in love with the Rouge range of lipsticks. It was a must to buy one. Swan 263 shone out, which is a pale pink colour, therefore I instantly purchased it. Due to my pale complexion, I do not suit dark colours, so when I found this one I was over the moon.

Swan 263 is quite pale pink colour, with a minimum amount of shimmer. This lipstick is not matt, but is extremely glossy, so like most lipsticks you do not have to wear lip-gloss on top. This lipstick unlike most others is very creamy and so moisturising, so you do not even have to wear lip balm with it. The colour of the lipstick doesn't last as long as i would want, around 3-4 hours, due to the shape of the stick, very pointy, it is very easy application. If you re like me and find it very hard to keep the lipstick within the lip line, this lip stick if great because of its easy appliance. I tested the lipstick on my hand first, and it completely matched my skin tone, and stayed on for several hours.

 It’s hard to compare this Dior lipstick to drugstore lipsticks such as Revlon and Rimmel London, because this lipstick is very textured, and will last a lot longer than most drugstore lipsticks. After a few hours the colour will eventually fade, bit by bit, therefore will need another coat. The packaging of this lipstick 100 percent beats most lipsticks, making it more sophisticated and classy.

Most people assume Dior is luxury and is only meant to be worn on special occasions, mainly because of its price, however I will wear this lipstick most days, to make my lips stand out. I purchased this lipstick for £26.00, which for a lipstick like this one is very good. I defiantly can recommend this lipstick. To buy this from John Lewis click here.


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