Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Maybelline eye studio master duo Review

The other day i was using my usual Rimmel London Scandaleyes Micro Liner, and i noticed that it was fading slightly, and wasn't the black colour it originally was. This has always been my favourite liquid eyeliner, due to its easy application. Although one fault is that if you're in a hurry and you don't powder down your eyes, and just have foundation on the lids, the liner may smudge when you look up and leave a rather long grey line on the top of your eye. This liquid eyeliner was more of a pen eyeliner rather than a pot of liquid and an application brush. 

Instead of buying my trustworthy Rimmel eyeliner i decided to invest in the new Maybelline eye studio master duo 2-in-1 glossy liquid liner. this liquid eyeliner is slightly more expensive, but for a drugstore eyeliner, definitely worth the price. The differences between this Maybelline eyeliner and the Rimmel London eyeliner, is that the Maybelline eyeliner is more liquid, and to apply it, you have to dip the applicator in a pot of black liquid. The maybelline liner does not smudge, so if you do occur a mistake, it is hard to remove using your finger, so you have to take extra care when applying. if you're like me and want to apply it quickly before leaving for work or running late for school, this definitely isn't the one for you, however it does last a lot longer than many other liquid liners.

The Maybelline eyeliner suits all eye shapes and sizes, whether you want it thick or thin, the applicator with this liner has an oddly shaped end, one side of it is thin, and the other side is thick, so you can get whatever shape you wish. I am very steady handed, so when applying this liner i do not struggle as mud as other people may do.

Personally both eyeliners are pretty good, it just depends on how you you like to apply it, and how much time you have. When i go out for a long day, such as school or work, i prefer to use the Maybelline liner, because its very reliable, and i know it'll last all day, whereas i would use the Rimmel one if I'm going out for a short amount of time, due to it smudges easily. 

If you want to purchase either one of these eyeliners from Boots UK, click the links below
Click here for the Maybelline liner
Click here for the Rimmel liner


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